Michael Agostini is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada....but can accomodate clients around the world from his studio, equipped with Harlan Hogan VO:1-A and Apogee 96K microphones, MicPort Pro preamp, Pro Tools, Adobe Audition and other professional audio/video software.

If clients need to have the voice-over recording done remotely, they will be able to conduct a session with Michael in his studio via Source-Connect Standard, Skype, Zoom, or phone patch if desired. He can send "dry" voice audio in any format in whatever medium required, within 24 hours if necessary (depending on length of project). Please notify in advance if music/sound effects need to be added.

For Audio Description/Descriptive Video work, he provides full-service AD/DV including scriptwriting, narration, editing and mixing with final audio stems.

With 15 years of previous experience in video editing, Michael knows the values of professionalism, meeting deadlines, choosing the best takes, and some technical know-how.

Contact Michael by email or phone to discuss your project's voice-over needs:




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